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Dinner Menu


Sampler Plate

• Choice of three items -10.99
• Choice of four items - 12.99

Stuffed Mushrooms (2), Breaded Zucchini (8), toasted Ravioli (4), Chicken Wings (4), Potato Skins (2), Cheese Sticks (3).

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail - 10.59

Frog Legs - Deep fried or hot (spicy) 10.59

Fish Bites - Breaded and deep fried. Served with tartar sauce 10.29

Breaded Artichoke Hearts - served with garlic butter
or ranch dressing

"Stuffed" Mushrooms - A family recipe. A stuffing mixture with mushroom pieces formed into balls then deep fried. Served with meat sauce 7.29

Potato Skins - 6 skins loaded with cheese and bacon and served with sour cream 8.29

Chicken Livers  - 8.59

Breaded Chicken Wings  - Prepared hot (spicy), plain or BBQ 8.99

Eggplant Parmesan - 6.99

Cheese Sticks  - Deep fried to a golden brown, served with meat sauce 7.29

Fried Zucchini  - Served with tomato sauce 7.29

Buffalo Fingers - Served with ranch or sour cream 8.59

Toasted Ravioli - Served with a meat or butter sauce 8.59

Onion Rings - A heaping platter of thinly sliced onions hand breaded with our secret recipe and deep fried to a golden brown 5.99

Garlic Bread - 3.59
• Add Cheese - 1.20
• Add sausage and cheese  - 2.99
• Add pepperoni and cheese - 2.99



Your Choice 4.29
• Minestrone (Italian bean soup)
• Homemade Vegetable Soup
• Clam Chowder
• Soup du Jour


Add cheese and croutons to any salad for just 1.00


Meat and Cheese Salad - Fresh salad topped with pepperoni, turkey, ham, blended cheeses and tomatoes 9.79

Chicken Salad - Fresh salad topped with seasoned chicken, blended cheese, cucumber, mushrooms and tomatoes 9.79

Super Deluxe Salad - Fresh salad topped with blended cheese, boiled egg, sliced black ripe olives, pepperoncini, tomatoes, and sliced red onions 9.59

Pozzi's Salad - Romaine and Iceberg lettuce, red onion, tomato, black olives, hearts of palm tossed with our house dressing and Parmesan cheese 9.79

• Add Chicken 2.59


Caesar Salad - Romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmesan cheese, tossed with Caesar dressing 7.99
• Add Chicken 2.59
• Add Chicken 5.00

Side Salad - Fresh salad greens with assorted veggies, cheese and croutons 4.29

Choice of Salad dressings: Oil & Vinegar, Garlic Seasoned, Ranch, Honey Dijon, French, 1000 Island, poppy Seed.
• Bleu Cheese dressing on any dinner salad .99 extra.
• Bleu Cheese on deluxe salads 1.99 extra. Anchovies 1.79 extra.

Full Service Bar
• Over twenty selections of bottled beer
• Over twenty-five selections of wine
• Wide Varity of Coctails

From Our Grill
Served with soup or salad and choice of baked potato, fries, pasta, cottage cheese, vegetable or a side of eggplant Parmesan. Steaks with mushrooms 1.59 extra. Not responsible for well done steaks. Add Bleu Cheese Butter to any steak for 1.29


Pio's Pepperloin - For two. Beef tenderloin rolled in cracked pepper, grilled to temperature, served with mushrooms 37.99

Prime Rib - St. Charles finest.

• Regular Cut 19.99
• End Cut 21.99
• Pio's Extra Cut 23.99

Only served during dinner hours and while quantities last.

Ribeye - 10 oz cut in house 20.29

New York Sirloin Strip - 12 oz cut in house 23.29

Fillet Mignon - 9 oz cut in house 22.99
• Served pepperloin style add 1.50

Ham Steak - 10 oz cut in house 15.59

Pork Chops  - 16 oz cut grilled or breaded 18.59

Pio's Chopped Tenderloin - 10oz tender cut in house 15.59

Italian Pizza

One Topping Pizza:

Medium 12" 11.29 

Large 16"     13.29


• Bacon (1.00)
• Black Olive
• Cheese
• Green Pepper
• Hamburger• Ham
• Italian Sausage
• Mushroom
• Onion
• Pepperoni• Pineapple
• Tomato
• Anchovy (1.50)
• Shrimp (1.50)
• Chicken (2.00)

Veggie Pizza - Tomato, mushroom, onion, green pepper & black olives. No substitutions.

Medium 12" 15.59

Large 16"     18.59

Ernies Special - Pepperoni, sausage, bacon and onion. no substitutions.

Medium 12" 14.99 

Large 16"     17.99


Pio's Special Pizza - Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onion and green pepper. No Substitutions .

Medium 12" 15.99

Large 16"     18.99

Pio's Grandkids' Menu - Children 10 and under.

Meals include fruit snacks. A Vegetable can be substituted for French Fries.


Breaded Shrimp - Served with French Fries 6.99

Chicken Fingers - Served with French Fries 4.99

Hamburger - Served with French Fries 4.99

Grilled Cheese - Served with French Fries 4.59

Ravioli - Toasted or boiled with meat sauce 4.99

Spaghetti - With meat sauce 4.59

Mostaccioli - With meat sauce 4.59




Specialty Desserts - Ask your server for today's special 4.99

Homemade Pie - Served by the slice. 4.59

Spumoni - 3.99

Vanilla Ice Cream - 3.99

Orange Sherbert - 3.99







Served with soup or salad and choice of cottage cheese , baked potato, fries, pasta, vegetables or a side of eggplant Parmesan. Broiled items can be blackened for 1.25 extra.

Tilapia - Two 4 oz fillets breaded, broiled, or lemon pepper 15.59

Cod Fillet - Breaded, broiled, or lemon pepper 15.59

Fish Bites Dinner - Large bite size pieces of cod, breaded and deep fried to a golden brown 15.59

Jack Salmon - Whiting breaded and deep fried 14.99

Grilled Salmon - Salmon broiled in lime olive oil and seared on the grill to perfection 18.59

Breaded Shrimp - Deep fried to a golden brown 18.59

Channel Catfish - 11-13 oz 15.99

Frog Legs - Breaded and deep fried or sauteed in garlic butter 16.99

Broiled Trout Almondine - 19.99

Crab Cakes - Two large homemade crab cakes 18.59

Seafarer's Platter - Breaded, 1 crab cake, 2 shrimp, 4 scallops and 2 oz cod fillet 21.99

Alaskan King Crab Legs - Market Price
Steamed Rock Lobster Tail - Market Price
Pio's Fried Lobster Tail - Market Price

Pio's Chicken Dinner
Served with soup or salad and choice of baked potato, fries, pasta, cottage cheese, vegetable or a side of eggplant Parmesan.

Chicken Liver Dinner - Breaded and deep fried to perfection 13.59

Golden Fried Chicken - Breast, wing, leg and thigh 14.59

Boneless Skinless Breast of Chicken - Two 5 oz breasts breaded and deep fried, grilled or broiled 15.29

Upgrade dinner salad to a side Pozzi or side Caesar for 3.29

Our foods are fried in cholesterol free canola and corn oil blend.
Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food born illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.


Pio's Italian Cuisine
All pasta served with cup of soup or dinner salad. Mushrooms added to any sauce 1.59. Half orders are available on most pasta dishes at any time. please ask your server.

Spaghetti -

with tomato sauce 12.59

with meat sauce    13.59

with meatballs      14.99

Spaghetti and Ravioli - Half and Half 13.59

Mostaccioli -

Tomato Sauce 12.59

Meat sauce 13.59

Ravioli - with Meat sauce 12.99

Toasted Ravioli - Served with meat sauce or butter sauce with cheese 12.59 Both Sauces .75 extra

Lasagna - 14.99

Cannelloni - With meat sauce 13.29

With white and red sauce 14.29

Linguine - With red or white clam sauce 14.59

Veal Parmesan - 14.99

Chicken Parmesan - 14.99

Chicken Alfredo - Alfredo sauce made from scratch with garlic and black pepper tossed with lilnguini noodles and chicken 15.99,

add Broccoli 1.59

Chicken Bianco - Breaded chicken served on linguine noodles with broccoli and topped with a basil cream sauce 15.99

Shrimp Alfredo - 18.99

add Broccoli 1.59

Pio's Seafood Pasta - Clams, scallops, and shrimp tossed in linguine noodles in white or red sauce 18.99

We have 3 banquet rooms with seating for up to 120 people. We offer gift certificates in any amount starting at 10.00.

For your convenience, 17% gratuity is added to the bill of groups of 7 or more. It is also the server's discretion to provide separate checks on groups of 8 or more. Prices subject to Change.

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